Freeride - Canalone Fertazza

Route details Recommended period Winter Phone0437 523333

Materials: to travel freeride routes, you must carry with you a helmet, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe

From the Fertazza chair lift arrival point, there is a 10-minute walk in the direction of Cima Fertazza, where you find the charming cross that signals you have reached the summit. Once you have reached the top, you continue through a natural opening of the forest until you reach the entrance to a large gully on the left. Skiis on your feet, you begin the descent along the gully until you leave the rocky walls behind, and then intuitively follow the opening of the wood until you reach the first typical houses of the Còi district. From here, you walk along a tarmac road for another 10 minutes towards Piani di Pezzè to get back to the Ski Civetta resort.

The route is especially evocative in that you travel in close contact with the rock, which has the particular feature of being “black rock” and not pale like dolomite. This freeride descent offers you a truly unseen version of the north-west face of the Civetta and of Lake Alleghe. The descent is particularly exciting as it follows the natural path of the gully.


  • DIFFICULTY RATING difficult 
  • TRAVEL TIME ½ hour for the descent of the gully. 
  • SLOPE south-facing
  • DEPARTURE arrival of the “Fertazza” chair lift


Warnings: Off-piste skiing is an activity you choose to do at your own risk, with the obligation of knowing how to self-rescue. It always recommended to contact the Alpine Guides or the Ski Schools.