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On an emotional level, the fireworks display on the sea of Caorle beach certainly takes on the trappings of an event that cannot be forgotten very easily.

The location, therefore, is very suggestive and always takes place following the tradition on the Sacheta beach, in a breathtaking setting. On one side the gulf of Falconera and on the other the sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Angelo. This is the scenario that opens up before everyone's eyes.

When the fireworks are set off on the Sacheta, at the beginning of the Levante beach, hundreds of people always flock. You can freely watch the fires, and you don't pay any entrance fee, since the show is free.

In Caorle the fireworks shows are a great pole of attraction for families, for lovers or for those who have chosen to settle in Caorle, the paradise of the Upper Adriatic with its natural and architectural beauties.

Come and enjoy the spectacle of a magical night on the Caorle beach. Appointment therefore for Wednesday 14th August, starting at 10.30 pm.

Source: IAT Caorle