The excellence of the wines

A vineyard of almost 80 thousand hectares, more than 8 ½ million hectolitres of wine, and more than 2 million of these are produced in the areas marked DOC (Registered Designation of Origin) and DOCG (Registered Designation of Origin): these are the numbers of the Veneto, a grape growing region ranked among the best in Europe for quality and quantity.

The wine history of the Veneto region is very long. Even the Romans appreciated the wines produced in this area. 
So, why don't you come and discover the excellence of our wines? We have reds, whites, rosés, sparkling, wine made from dried grapes and other gems to add to the pleasure of your holiday!

In this section we present the "first" class wines of this region, namely the 27 DOC (denomination of origin) and 14 DOCG (denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin). We encourage you to try them all and maybe organize a different type of holiday and wander through the numerous cellars and wine shops. You can enjoy our wines by following one of the Wine Routes or follow your "nose"...and your holiday will be a special treat!