Esperienze DM
Event details Dance and theatre On 20 January 2024 Conegliano Website Ask for info +39 0437948874
Awed, Riccardo Dose and Dadda, youtubers who have long been in the limelight, are coming to the theatre!

Saturday 20 January at 9 p.m. comes to Conegliano, at the Teatro Accademia, their show entitled 'Esperienza D.M.', born from one of the web's most famous and popular formats. Awed, Riccardo Dose and Dadda will bring to the stage an interactive event, where the audience is as much the protagonist as who is on stage: at the centre of the scene, the vocal messages sent by the spectators, which will be presented and commented on by the youtubers.

Scenes from everyday life, bad figures, tales on the edge of the possible: the perfect ingredients for spending an alternative evening, without rules and in the name of fun and improvisation.

The trio Awed, Riccardo Dose and Dadda was born in 2021, making videos dedicated to reaction, food and visiting abandoned places. But the pair Awed and Riccardo Dose formed well before that, between 2016 and 2017, making funny videos inspired by historical digital creators such as Willwosh. The show at the Accademia Theatre is nothing less than the consecration of the artistic trio among contemporary artists.

Tickets are already on sale on the Teatro Accademia website and online on the TicketOne circuit.

Source: IAT Conegliano