Delirio a due
Event details Dance and theatre On 17 March 2024 Conegliano Website Ask for info +39 026705405
On Sunday 17 March 2024 at 21:00, the Teatro Accademia in Conegliano will host the show 'Delirio a due' by the famous comedy duo Corrado Nuzzo and Maria Di Biase.

Nuzzo and Di Biase are a much-loved Italian comedy duo, known for their hilarious parodies and comedy sketches. They have great chemistry on stage, which is a key ingredient of their success and unique comedy style. Their performances, full of humour and intelligence, have made audiences all over Italy laugh.

In the show 'Delirio a due', the comedians bring their innate extravagance and taste for sudden turns to the stage. They paint a bitterly metaphorical picture of today's society, highlighting the monotony of everyday life, the uniformity of thought and the fears of this society, pathologically dissatisfied with itself, all made more evident through their use of laughter and smiles.

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Source: IAT Conegliano