In the Veneto you can see significant testimonies of all ages. From Fumane stones decorated more than forty thousand years ago with images of a feline and a shaman or priest, to the traces of a medieval settlement that decayed and were replaced, passing through the ancient Venetian cultures and the Roman Empire.

You can also see the most famous masterpieces of the golden age of Venetian art from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century: Bellini, Giorgione, Tiziano, Tintoretto, Tiepolo... As well as the impressive and rich production that came before, accompanied and followed them. Masterpieces can be found in cities and towns and in the monuments that lie outside their boundaries.

If you come from England, Argentina or the Old South of the United States, a very common type of architecture can by found in the works of Andrea Palladio. But the Veneto offers much more; there is an encounter between East and West in the Basilica of San Marco, the Renaissance and Baroque palaces of the Grand Canal, and the twentieth century works by Carlo Scarpa...

Next to the 'high' culture, and in a direct relationship with it, there is a whole heritage of local cultures, which are valued in the Veneto.

Cultural Themes