Villaggio Vallorch
The Cimbri of Cansiglio

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Useful advice: Guided tours are organised of the Museum and the Cimbri Villages on Sunday. Ask for dates and times

The Cansiglio is a pre-Alpine plateau amid the provinces of Belluno, Treviso and Pordenone. Shaped like a basin, it is a veritable paradise for hiking through its vast forest, which is the second-largest in Italy. But aside from the naturalistic interest afforded here, it is worth visiting this territory to discover an ancient ethnic settlement dating back to the beginning of the 1800s. We are talking about the Cimbri people.

Of German origin, this population settled initially on the Asiago Plateau but over time continued their heartbreaking wandering. The Cimbri of Cansiglio all come from Roana, one of the seven towns of the Vicenza Plateau, and they settled here because of the forest filled with beech trees suitable for their crafts (the word "tzimbarar" means "woodworker").

The villages of Campon and Pian Osteria are still inhabited by Cimbri people, while traces of typical Cimbri buildings can still be found in Le Rotte, Vallorch, I Pich, Pian Canaie, Canaie, Pian dei Lovi, and Valbona.

In Pian Osteria you can visit the fascinating Cimbri Ethnographic and Cultural Museum (open every day from the 15th of June through the 15th of September, and by reservation during other times of the year).

Lastly, you cannot miss there opportunity for enjoying delicious meals here: among the various delicacies, local restaurants also propose ancient Cimbri dishes made from recipes passed down through the generations.

In summer, there is the Cimbri Festival, an evocative folklore event. Pian Cansiglio is home to the Alpine Botanical Garden and the G. Zanardo Ecology Centre.