The Cansiglio

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You can discover it on foot, on horseback, by MTB
The Cansiglio is a pre-alpine plateau that extends for about 7,000 acres inside a natural basin between the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, and the provinces of Belluno, Treviso, and Pordenone. The main peaks of Mount Pizzoc, Croseraz, and Millifret reach their maximum height in the Group of the Horse (2,251 meters). It is one of the most beautiful forests of beech and centuries-old fir trees, a destination for hikers and nature lovers, but also an ideal place to spend a day soaking up the sun in the grass and enjoying the local cuisine. There are many paths that wind through the woods, to be taken on foot but also on horseback, by mountain bike, or snowshoes in the winter.

The Cansiglio's karstic nature is the reason for the suggestively beautiful dolines and sinkholes on its surface. Among these, the 185-meter deep "Bus de la Lum" (Light Keyhole in the local dialect), and the 582-meter deep Bus della Genziana, a valuable speleological nature reserve. Inhabited since ancient times, the Cansiglio sheltered the resistance during the Second World War and it has been hosting a settlement of German ethnic origin, the Cimbri, since the beginning of the nineteenth century. To learn about the culture of this population, you can visit the villages of Campon and Pian Osteria and the Ethnographic Museum housed in the historic building of Pian Osteria.
Il Bosco da Reme
At the time of the Republic of Venice, the beech trees of the Cansiglio Forest were used in the production of oars, work timber and coal. In 1548, the Council of Ten stipulated that the forest should become the "Gran Bosco de Reme of San Marco" reserving it for the production of oars for the galleys and lumber for the Arsenal.