The Book House

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A tasty tip: do not miss out on trying the Alpago lamb, very famous locally, accompanied by an excellent glass of wine

One feels as if it is fairytale and yet it is reality: at Tambre, in the province of Belluno, a beautiful book-shaped construction exists, which is completely built out of wood and full of unique features and details. The 'Casa dei Libri' is the work of the Venetian artist Livio De Marchi, a sculptor reknown for his creations.

The house’s external walls are made from hundreds of carved books, the roof is an enormous open book while instead of a chimney, a fountain pen has been inserted. Even the external fence respects the theme as it is made up of a long line of colouring pencils and a large pair of glasses take the place of a gate.

The interior of the house is like an incredible stage set: the stove and the fireplace are carved out of wood, the table and chairs are carved in the shape of books, the dishes and cutlery, writing desk, armchair, clothes hanging up and sheets put up to dry in the bathroom…are all of course carved out of wood. The bed is an enormous open book supported by other books under its corners and features a beautiful headboard shaped like a sun with lots of rays beaming from its centre.

Nearby, you can take a peaceful walk through the trees of the Cansiglio Forest, visit the Cimbri Ethnographic Museum in Pian Osteria and the Natural History Museum in Chies d'Alpago.