Berici Hills Wine Road
Route details Departure pointMontebello Arrival pointVicenza

The Berici Hills are to the south of Vicenza, in an isolated position with respect to the other Veneto hills. The calcareous soil, mild temperate climate, gentle hills and vicinity to some of the loveliest Veneto towns make it the perfect site for excursions.

The itinerary begins in Costozza, an old hamlet that takes its name from the medieval tradition of "custody" (keeping) the wine in caves at a constant temperature. Also known as the 'pearl of the Berici', the town has some lovely architecture including the 15th century Villa Trento, the 17th century Villa Trento-Carli, Villa Da Schio with its spectacular Italian gardens and Ca' Molina. The Wine Road continues to Nanto, famous for its extra virgin olive oil, and immediately after Barbarano Vicentino, a pretty wine town. It is worth visiting Palazzo dei Vicari and the baroque parish church with its canvases by Ma Ganza and Palma the Younger. The 18th century Villa Godi Marinoni, called the Castle, is fascinating, which stands on the site of the ancient castle of the Vicenza bishops.

The itinerary leads to Noventa Vicentina, with its lovely arcaded square, with Villa Barbarigo standing in the centre in typical Venetian style, and then just a few kilometres further on is the lovely Villa Poiana, one of the most unusual creations by Andrea Palladio.

The tradition of the Colli Berici offers a wide variety of typical products such as DOP Berico Euganeo extra virgin olive oil, honey and cheese. There is a long-standing tradition of growing peas and cherries, with the forest that has always offered truffles and various edible wild herbs. The numerous restaurants and trattorias in the area offer many typical recipes in which these high quality raw materials are valued.

The city of Vicenza and the Colli Berici are characterized by the presence of a rich heritage of Venetian Villas and historic architecture, among which the Palladian Villas stand out. Villa Capra Valmarana known as La Rotonda, surrounded by the first elevations of the Colli Berici, the Palladian Basilica in the city centre, Villa Valmarana ai Nani, Villa da Schio and others, scattered among the gentle hill landscapes are important and famous expressions of them.