Asparagus festival
Event details Music and concerts - Family and children On 30 April 2024 - On 1 May 2024 Cavallino Treporti Website Ask for info (0039)041 8626322
Traditional and very successful festival dating from 1970 and attracting a lot of people for the tasting of the Montine asparagus together with hard-boiled eggs.

Music, entertainments and sports events make the atmosphere very joyful. From mid-March to May, one of the local products you can savour in Cavallino Treporti and its surrounding areas is the bitter green Montine asparagus, commonly known as 'La Sparesea'.

Its flavour is slightly bitter and the sandy terrain along our coast confers a unique, rich and traditional flavour. A staple of many local dishes, the bitter green Montine asparagus is the main star of the Sparesea fête which for the last few years has taken place in Cavallino-Treporti. 

This is definitely a mouth-watering opportunity to discover the culinary delights of our land and to immerse yourself in the party spirit of this local celebration. It is a pleasant way to celebrate the wholesome, tasty produce of this land whilst listening to music, playing games and enjoying gastronomic events.

Source: IAT Cavallino