Monte Zebio
Asiago and the Great War

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Useful advice: Travelling on foot or by bike. We recommend suitable hiking clothing and footwear

Now known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Veneto, the Asiago plateau experienced some bloody and gory times in the First World War. The trench war left marks which are still visible today. Among dense woods, gentle slopes, alpine huts and large pastures, there are various paths passing over and leading to places of importance in the Great War.

Mount Ortigara Some of the most violent and gruelling battles took place here, with the summit still carrying the signs of the repeated bombings today. You can walk through the many trenches along the way.

Mount Zebio A path through the woods leads to Crocetta Zebio, where you can walk through the Italian trenches and machine-gun pits.

Mount Cengio The backdrop of fierce battles, Mount Cengio has now been transformed into a memorial area to remember the fallen. The path begins in Piazzale Piemonte, which you can reach from the Costo A-road. This mountain trail looks down and out over the Padana Valley and takes you through a number of tunnels dug during the war.

Campolongo stronghold  A majestic stronghold built on a sheer drop looking over the Astico Valley. From the roof of the stronghold you can also enjoy a sweeping view of the Pasubio massif, the Tonezza plateau and the Dolomites.

Bocchetta Portule A near-flat muletrack leads to Bocchetta Portule and the caves used for the cannon emplacements. The path then continues towards Cima Portule, one of the highest peaks of the plateau.

Corbin stronghold The stronghold overlooks the Astico Valley, and you can take a look inside thanks to recent renovation work.

Mount Verena After an initial section uphill, the path becomes easy, taking you around Monte Verena, with generous views of the wide valleys of the plateau. When you arrive at the stronghold you can enjoy a view that stretches all the way to Vezzena plain.

5-cemetries path This path, built in 2006, interlinks five recently renovated cemeteries.

Do not miss the War Museum in Canove di Roana and the imposing Asiago Ossuary.