Tempio del Canova a Possagno
Art road

Villa Barbaro a Maser - Foto Stefano Minuz
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In the midst of the plain and inclines of Monte Grappa, the province of Treviso offers an enjoyable tour of residences which bear the mark of the great architects.

Starting from Altivole, it is possible to discover two architectural gems. The first is the Barco of Queen Caterina Cornaro, the former Queen of Cyprus; a sixteenth century building-fortress which acted as her summer abode. Today all that remains of the Barco, which means "fenced in complex", is a long barchessa (barn). Another highly-valued work is the Tomba Brion which was designed by the Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa and is important site for modern art lovers. The monumental mausoleum, constructed in bare concrete, is the location of a chapel and the family tomb.

The second stop on the tour is Possagno, the birth place of Antonio Canova, the famous sculptor of European neoclassicism. The sculptor's remaining works includes the Canovian Temple, a Church inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, and the Gipsoteca, a collection of moulds and plaster work hosted in the building constructed by Scarpa, next to the artist's house.

The last stop takes us to the splendid Villa Barbaro in Maser, designed by Andrea Palladio. Inserted into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the home is today inhabited and still operates as a farm. Inside, works of art and frescos have been amassed. The historical wine cellar, the Palladian temple and the collection of carriages are worth a visit.

The province of Treviso is enriched by an extraordinary combination of landscapes, art and history; of such beauty that travellers will fall in love forever.