Along the Bacchiglione river

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Useful advice. A stone’s throw away from the centre of Padua, the Bacchiglione River enters a rural context that highlights the close link between water, land and human settlements

The Bacchiglione was once the major commercial communication route that connected the cities of Vicenza and Padua.
The itinerary is available by house boat, small boats or motor vessels. It departs from the Bassanello mooring, an old hamlet of boatmen from Padua, and arrives at Selvazzano Dentro.

This route runs along the basin of one of the major water systems of the province of Padua and enables to immerse you in the lush greenery of the area. 

After passing the junction with the Brentella canal, you arrive at Tencarola, where you can admire the remains of an ancient mill and river port. From here it continues on between the area's countryside and charming steeples of ancient churches, such as the San Michele of Selvazzano Dentro.

Nearby you can find the beautiful Venetian villa of Montecchia with the remains of the Capodilista castle. Between Creola and Cervarese, two hamlets of Saccolongo, you can admire the San Martino Castle that today houses the Bacchiglione River Museum.
A new and relaxing way to discover these areas that still have a lot to tell. 

Further useful information
Departure: Bassanello
Arrival: Selvazzano Dentro
Length: 38 km
Target: for families 
Recommended season: from March to October
Length of journey: 5 hours

The itinerary along the Bacchiglione, will allow you to know the Padua suburban course of the river, in a framework of sustainable mobility and redevelopment of the environment.